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hot dogs
corn dogs

veggie & vegan
Gluten free
kids options



Founded by: Paul,  Natasia and Stephanie

We started the business in 2018 following Tasias first stage 4 cancer diagnosis. We realised we wanted to work for ourselves, to feel valued and have the freedom to really be creative and put our stamp on the world!

To create a legacy! 

Shortly after opening Tasia got a secondary stage 4 cancer diagnosis, all while combatting the obstacles Covid 19 placed on the new business.

We adapted, invested and pushed forward, growing our business and supporting our local community, while they in turn supported us! 

When we saw ASM being renovated we knew we wanted to do something in our home town. Additionally, Paul and Steph's dad owned a tool stall in the market so when it came up we knew we we're determined to be part of it! We wanted to do something fun and creative with an element of quirkiness and as they say the rest is history! 

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team menu favourites:

twisted firestarter corn dog! Classic American with a firey twist! 

judge banks bacon badboy! I can't not have it when I'm in! 

Salt & Pepper Chicken loaded fries! 


We knew ASM would be a hit in spite of some early resistance. It's always been a great space and synonymous with Blackpool! Paul and Steph's dad had the tool stall so it felt right! We were also happy to be working with a like-minded creative team, and are excited to see what the future holds for ASM this year! 


We have big plans in the pipeline, including keeping flip relevant and creative - go big or go home! 

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